Hungarian Beauty Pagent

My first post! (ahhhh, it’s scary) So the first few posts are all going to be little articles I wrote about for a Women in the Media class. They were picked up by my Prof. and translated for a Turkish Feminist journal. So if there are detailed descriptions of American life that is why.

Any who, let’s get on with it.

“Ms. Plastic Hungary honors unnatural beauty” Fox News

This article is about a beauty pageant that was held in Hungary recently. In order to be in the pageant there were a few basic rules like being a legal adult, 18 years old. Oh and by the way, you had to have undergone plastic surgery. Not just mere collagen injections or Botox but gone under the knife. Most women sported augmented breasts and nose jobs, while some had more interesting procedures like toe straightening. I know you’re already thinking “this is ridiculous.” That’s what I thought when I read the headline. What drove it home was this very hypocritical quote in the story from a judge and photographer. “I think this competition is long overdue, Hungarians used to laugh about plastic surgery but it’s time for Hungarian women to care more about their appearance. They are the most beautiful in Europe.” (Press, 2009) To me that statement is absolutely disgusting, the fact that he calls Hungarian women “the most beautiful in Europe” but then goes and tells them to get plastic surgery blows my mind. If they are the most beautiful in Europe why on earth would you want them to alter how they look in any way? They are beautiful because they have a unique but spellbinding beauty that is all their own. Why would you want to homogenize them like a bunch of McDonalds with the same noses and breasts as every other woman? The article goes on to interview a plastic surgeon who says that it isn’t about making women look different it’s about getting rid of asymmetries in the body. Now to me getting rid of asymmetries in the body would mean basically homogenizing women making everything ‘even’ or ‘perfect’ would destroy what makes us all individually beautiful. One of my favorite comedians has a joke about plastic surgery. I’ve written out the segment below.
“I’m all for women having plastic surgery. It allows them the rare chance to make their outer appearance match their inner appearance, completely fake.” He continues on to say “… ‘I don’t want to develop a personality, just stretch my face.’” Daniel Tosh.
When I first heard this segment I laughed so hard. It’s absolutely true. Prepare yourselves, I agree with the above statement. I find that women who often get plastic surgery really don’t want to develop who they really are. They would rather just cop out and pretend to look like the Barbie doll so they can meet their Ken and live happily ever after in Stepford. For those who don’t understand the idea of Stepford, it is a utopian society in America based on the American dream, where everyone is perfectly happy with their big house and children that are good students and husband that brings home the money and the women are the best cooks in town. Hopefully women in Hungry will continue to laugh at plastic surgery and laugh at this ridiculous beauty pageant.


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  1. After so many years, in another far away couch from Turkey, on the desk of another class preparation… reading this entry once more … If we are all in a life time voyage on this earth, this is one of the most embracing experiences. Thanks, Whit!

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