2 steps forward 1 step back

I signed onto Facebook today to see that not just one but two people I know have gotten engaged. Both of these couples aren’t even out of college yet, in fact one of the girls dropped out of school last year because she didn’t pass 1 class required for her major. She missed by half a point, she easily could have argued that half point with the professor, who is known to be a hard ass for no reason.
In the past month I have been informed of 4 high school classmates getting married or engaged as well. I have also over heard a girl in one of my classes say “I don’t really care what grade I get, or if I pass. I’m going to marry my boyfriend in the next 3 years any ways. I’m just going to have kids and raise my horses.” That’s fine, it sounds like a charming life. I am not going to say all women HAVE to get an education, especially if they don’t want it. But why oh why would you get that deep into debt if you aren’t even going to USE the degree you are “earning”? (I also know for a fact that this girl is in debt, she complains about that too)

My generation is taking one GIANT step backward. We have everything we want, and feel entitled to the good life. Well that’s NOT real life. Wake up, smell the coffee and put some effort into your life. Are you really going to be happy settling down at age 21? You only just “earned” the right to legally drink. I’m willing to bet you don’t pay your own bills, or even know how to file your taxes,let alone know who you truly are as a person and what you want out of life.

What’s the rush? We are in our early 20’s in a country where most people live well into their 80’s now. We have our whole adult lives ahead of us, let’s be selfish for a bit. Go take that trip, work that random job. Take that class that just sounds “interesting”. Take your time!


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