A world of good

I’m interviewing with the Peace Corps in about an hour and find myself extremely geared up for this one! I’ve been looking up all of the programs the Peace Corps offers and there are so many in regards to helping children / young adults. I would love a chance to go to Albania and work with Girls Empowerment, or Armenia and help with GLOW “Girls Leading Our World”. There is so much power and knowledge that goes untapped in countries such as these because women don’t feel they have a base to stand on to speak their piece (or maybe PEACE) to the world. If I have the opportunity to inspire or even make half the impact some of the amazing women I know have made on my life(see: Helen, Jenni, Great Grandma B., Simten) I would feel blessed and lucky. To pass on a little bit of hope, and a lot of drive, to the next generation.

We shall see….

Remember nothing you ever do goes unnoticed, every step you take impacts who you are, the world around you and the people residing in this little rock spinning circles through the universe.


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