The worst four letter word

Two posts, one day.

Sunday night a new TV “documentary” premiered on E! I didn’t watch it because, well I don’t have TV. I am able to get all the news and favorite TV shows via the web and heck saving 30 bucks a month is nice. That’s beside the point, on Sunday Kim Kardashians new show premiered, the SPINdustry. I knew it was coming out and wanted to cover it on the blog however I didn’t watch it. This morning I woke up and found Ms. Sasha Muradali’s blog talking about the show. I was shocked at what she said about the show and what the show covers.

I am right there with Sasha, this is an awful example of Public Relations. Granted I’m young and have little experience in the field of public relations but I am passionate about my chosen field. I have loved what I’ve studied about PR thus far, the internships I’ve had and the many success stories you can see daily. To see someone blatantly misrepresent this makes me sick. If that’s not enough the description of how the women are dressing while “working” is even worse. Those who know me know I’m also passionate about feminism, not the bra burning no shaving feminism that’s the stereotype, but women and men having respect for themselves and others. Apparently these girls were parading around in short black skirts, hot pink tops and four inch heels handing out samples. Then continued to rehash their partying days where one of them woke up and realized she was missing her two front teeth.

One word, ridiculous, first off why would you be parading around looking like you’re two steps above a ‘lady of the night’ to sell. I’m counting on you smart people who read this to count all the things that are wrong with the last sentence. If this weren’t enough there’s another girl, Lauren who is a glorified cocktail waitress who is more than happy to play the role of dumb girl who couldn’t possibly plan an event but she can set the room up and roll out the red carpet with the best of them. The one thing I can’t stand even more than my profession being maimed by bad “reality TV”, women who play the “oh I’m just a little girl I’m not capable/strong/smart (fill in the blank) enough.” Dust yourself off look yourself in the mirror put on a pair of big girl pants and go do your job.

I second Sasha’s call, someone save our industry! Is Superman available, or is Comand PR using him in next week’s episode to launch a new version of Ice Cream at Baskin Robins?

Here’s a link to Sasha’s Blog.


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