Forbes Woman had an article on their website recently about the first blogging site targeted directly at women. Back in the 1990’s Lisa Stone jumped at the chance to give women a piece of the giant internet pie. Today she is the CEO of BlogHer a site that connects tens of thousands of women bloggers. When I was first reading this article I was immediately brought back to a conversation I had at a PRSSA PR Conference a couple weeks ago with Michael Schmarak (@shmaraksmpr). He asked a group of us PR students what public relations meant to us. I immediately went to how fast thinking and creative PR professionals are expected to be, and have to be, in the work place. Which gave me the answer of, seeing what need is out there for the given public you are working with and addressing it before the public is aware. This not only helps if the need is a problem or crisis that needs solving but works superbly in a situation such as this with BlogHer.

Stone saw a need before most people her in field even logged into AOL on their dial up internet connection. She knew that women are the force that drives the market, most kids fresh out of Marketing 101 know that. Yet Silicon Valley and traditional media outlets were slow to believe that women would take to the internet. BlogHer is a place where women can go to learn about the products they use most, while there they can voice their opinions about products, topics and whatever their heart desires: all the while networking on the biggest platform out there geared entirely at women. What a cool example of a creative women who saw a niche before it even existed and jumped on it.


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