Your roots

Recently I met with Michael Shmarak of Sidney Maxwell PR. I asked him all of the typical questions a soon to be graduate in communications would ask. What can I do to stand out? What are recent grads typically naive of? etcetera.

The last piece of advice he gave me was to remember where I come from. Remember your roots, just because you move to the “big” city or a different part of the world or country doesn’t mean you need to erase who you were before. That’s what got you hired, you were you. Obviously qualified, competent and eager to work. What really sold your new employer on you though was your personality. That’s what clenches it, you could have the greatest resume in the world but if your personality doesn’t shine through and they don’t think you’ll get along with the feel of the company and other employees you are out of luck.
As graduation comes ever closer, only four weeks now, I am becoming hyper sensitive to where I’ve come from. How I came to be in Marquette and what I want to do next as I step into the next chapter of my life.
In honor of that I’m going to post some pictures of family, most are of my Great Grandma Bunde who was an amazing woman. A clothing buyer for a Michigan department store, and avid outdoors woman and a single mom in a time when women rarely drove or had a job. She put her son through prep school and sent him to one of the most prestigious state schools in the region, in short, she rocked.
The first picture is of her relaxing up at Camp MarKay (Mark and Katherine) She was always dressed impeccably, neutrals will never go out of style she said.
The second picture is of her heading out to go pheasant hunting in her Abercrombie and Fitch and L.L. Bean hunting gear (yeah, that’s right, back when Abercrombie made REAL clothing for hunting and outdoor activities.)
A couple other stories about her, she was an avid outdoors woman, one summer she “shot away a mink coat” at the skeet shooting range!
Then there was the other time when she raced her mustang convertible down the back roads of little Baldwin, Michigan, just to “see how fast it can go”
Always 100 percent herself and sharp as a tack until the day she died. I am so proud to call Kathrine Bunde my grandma and to have had her in my life for 14 years.


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