The end of an era –The college era

After a long hiatus I’m back. It has been a whirl wind couple of months, finishing up my final PR class, I had the pleasure of pitching our campaign to the client themselves. It was at that moment I realized I am in the exact field I want to be in. I loved getting up in front of the client with my team members at my side and pitching the project we tirelessly worked on for the past 15 weeks. I was also able to participate in a project with my advisor and the Department Head of the Communication Department here at NMU. It was a great experience, I just got the good news that I will be listed first on the research that is being published regarding the focus groups. So with all of this “success” I leave you with my good bye column I wrote for the North Wind last week. 
 I will miss this place, for the first time in my life I’m not ready to leave either of my jobs. Sadly, I know it is time, I no longer am feeling pushed or challenged in either role. That is my favorite part about life, so although I love everyone I’ve worked with this past year, at last it is time to move on and up. Cheers to all of you, I can’t wait to see where we all end up.

Here is the link to my goodbye column
Look for a steadier stream of PR / woman focused blogs in the near future, since I’m unemployed and done with school I will have plenty of time for the job search and blogging.

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