Lets shift gears

As summer gets ever closer and I still don’t have a job or internship lined up I fear the worst, returning to my high school job and living in my childhood bedroom. This week is finals week and I just happen to be finished with all of my finals already, having all of this free time I’m hitting the internet like never before looking for jobs. I’ve joined PRSA right out of the gate and am taping all of my contacts for possible opportunities. When I need a break however I peruse my favorite PR blogs, trying to glean as much knowledge as I can.
Last week a job opportunity was presented to me from my advisor. It was in Wyoming, a place that I love dearly and was working at a ranch. This sounded great when I read the first few lines of the email until I realized I would be doing exactly what I have been doing the past four summers, working with people and horses. While I have loved my experiences in some of the most beautiful areas in the country I am ready for something new. Just yesterday I turned down the position, when I hit the send button I wasn’t sure if I was making the right choice, what if I couldn’t find anything at home? What if I just ended up working at my home town movie theater again? The thought of this gave me a head ache.
Before I started the job search again I decided to check my RSS feed and see what was new, there was a new post on Web Worker Daily by Karen Leland. In it she talked about stepping outside of your comfort zone, which is one of my favorite things to do. It was then that I realized I really needed to do that in my job search. I had been asking contacts I knew quite well for any opportunities or contacts they might have. As I kept on reading I became more and more assured of my choice to turn down the position in Wyoming. One of the things Karen said to “say ‘no’ to” is any sure thing that keeps you in your comfort zone. BAM! This job was in my comfort zone, I love helping people and I love riding but I need to find a different venue to work with people.
So that’s what I’m doing starting today. Saying yes to things that push me and help me grow, something I’ve always loved, and that got me the two positions I held this past year. I have grown and learned so much this year it is time to step outside my comfort zone again. This is the greatest part of life after all, the shift into the next phase.

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