Taking a detour in Blog land

I revamped my blog a few months back targeting it more on PR and women there in, specifically entry level and women in the field us entry level gals’ can look up to. Well, to be honest I’m exhausted. I’ve applied for upwards of 40 jobs now, am back working for my families business and volunteering with some musicians in the community. Although this is great fun it’s making keeping up this blog a bit harder, or so I thought.

I don’t like quitting, I enjoy having a lot on my plate. The last thing I want to do is put all of this on the shelf so I’ve decided to turn this into a log of sorts of what I’ve been doing on the job hunt. I haven’t seen any blogs that are geared toward PR and what an entry level person is going through trying to find work after graduation. What makes this a little bit more unique is I’ve always chosen the road less traveled. I went to a smaller state school in the middle of the woods, I love hiking and backpacking, I have done all my internships at non-profits and a small stint for the government in a third world country. Not like most of my peers who trucked to the big city for the summers landing great internships at agencies. I’ve always valued life and my personal experiences more than the perfect internship and molding my into the standard business / PR person. So lets do this again, take the road less traveled. First let me tell you my goal.
Whit’s professional goal: To procure an entry level position, in a PR capacity, at an organization who’s ethics and goals are akin to mine.
Basically, I’m willing to work for an agency, a corporation, a nonprofit or a branch of the government if their mission and goals are similar to mine in life. A quick run through of my mission; morals if you will.
– Do good things, for people, really for any living thing
– To make a positive impact in my community, large and small
– Enjoy what I do and who I’m with every day
In short I want to feel good about the deeds I do, who I do them for and who I surround myself with all day every day.
Maybe a tall order but that’s what I want.
Practically speaking most of my experience is in working with non-profits and event planning. All of the events I’ve planned I’ve done with little to no budget and they have produced big results, like planning the entertainment for the Olympic Speedskating Trails last fall, a venue that seats thousands of people. How do you book bands for that when they can’t be paid a penny? PR. What could we do for them to help them help us? Sounds harder then it really is.
I would like to continue working on events and campaigns, I love the problem solving and the crisis that always comes up when you’re down to the wire.
So Whitney is, a PR adrenaline junkie who loves to solve problems work in a team, lead the team really. Plan things ahead, look at the big picture and plan the small details. Join me twice a week as I hunt, score and scan the universe for a job, nay a career.
Anyone hiring?

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