A little background on the job search

Day 2 of “new” blog

19 days after graduation

Day 108 of applying for jobs (started back in February)

Let me give you the 108 days of back-story on this adventure thus far. I started applying for jobs in February, just casually. Joined a few job search sites and was extremely focused on finding work in Chicago. Ideally it is where I would like to end up, I know I will get there but since then I have expanded my horizons to basically anywhere. In the first month of my job search I had two interviews, granted one was for the Peace Corps but I still count it. The Peace Corps is a great way to go if you’re unsure about hitting the real world and want some experience and most importantly enjoy helping others.
Well I didn’t get the second job, but I did get into the Peace Corps, a few weeks after my interview I got a call from my recruiter telling me I was going to be stationed in Nigeria. I had lived in Africa before and because of my past experience and ability to speak a bit of French that’s where they chose to place me. Before I knew it the health forms were on my doorstep, then I got the third call. “You won’t be starting in August you’ll be flying over the first week of June.” Whoa, I thought, June? That means I have less than a month between graduation and my trip over seas for 27 months.

This is when I did a lot of soul searching. I love helping people, and I loved my time working for the government in Uganda before, however something didn’t feel right about this. I applied because I was told that the process took at least 12 months. Well I applied in October and was accepted in February, not exactly the 12 month waiting period I was expecting. Don’t get me wrong I was so honored to be hired on. The Peace Corps is something I thought I wanted to do for years and it does come with a lot of benefits even after you return. Yet something didn’t feel right, so I called my recruiter a week or so later and politely declined the offer to work for the Peace Corps.

This was the beginning of Whitney following her gut. I think it was scarier to turn down the Peace Corps then it was to actually go abroad for two years. I’m good with traveling and that kind of aid work I’ve done it before. Now what I’m less experienced in is corporate life. Like I’ve said before I’ve always taken the road less traveled.

Since then, I’ve kept plugging along. I applied for one or two jobs each week. I still believe that I need to keep my integrity in away and only apply and send my resumes to businesses that I am truly interested. My biggest fear in life is working at a job that I can’t stand. I’ve never done it and don’t want to start doing it now.

Tune in next week as I blog from the road, heading to North Carolina on an adventure with one of my closest friends, job hunting and sight seeing.


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