Networking, what connections are right under your nose?

24 Days after graduation

Day 113 of job hunt

Today I’m going to focus on networking, the golden rule of PR. During my last semester of school I had an academic service learning course in PR, the purpose of this course was to have the students create a campaign for local non-profit organizations. The non-profit that I chose to work with is one that I already had formed a relationship with through PRSSA, we created a couple fundraisers for them previous semester.

To make a long story short at the end of the semester I was selected from my team to pitch our campaign to the client, the result could not have been better. The client loved our ideas and could easily implement them on their current budget. After the pitch I was milling around talking with the client who asked me if she thought there would be any interest in internships at their organization from students at Northern. I couldn’t say yes fast enough. Later that day I sent her an email saying that I was extremely interested in any internship possibilities. A week later I was interviewing in her office.

I am still waiting with baited breath to hear back from her. They haven’t had internships on the business side of things before and the proposal of the position has to work its way up the ladder.

Although for the past year I couldn’t imagine staying in Michigan to find work, I’ve been Chicago bound for two years now. When I stepped back and looked at this opportunity it had everything I wanted on my checklist. A great working environment, opportunity for me to stay on after the internship and most importantly, the organizations goals and mission is something I can stand behind one hundred percent.

Now what I’m saying here is quiet obvious. For those of you still looking for work, don’t let any opportunity pass you by, scope it out then compare it to your career goals and checklist of things you want in the company you work for. Then see if it feels right. It really is that simple.

That’s all for today, the NC weather is beautiful, although a little rainy. I’m off to help my friend apply for jobs and then of course play, this is a vacation after all!


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