My own personal PR challenge

32 days after graduation

Day 122 of career search

This blog is a bit late as I didn’t have time over my vacation. I spent a week with a dear friend on the North Carolina coast. To say the least it was exactly what I needed. It did more than refresh me for my career search but allowed me to see what I want from a different perspective. In fact it’s safe to say in some respects I’m back to the drawing board.

While on vacation I heard back from the non-profit I mentioned in my last post, sadly I didn’t get the position. She made it quiet clear that it’s not that they don’t want me but they can’t afford me. It took a lot of self control to not send an email off on my Black Berry saying “It’s ok I don’t need money I just want to work for you!” Luckily I had the presence of mind to be selfish and put myself first. I really would love nothing more then to work for that non-profit but the fact is they can’t afford me, I have to get used to the fact that my talent now deserves more than just a grade or a pat on the back. I can get paid to do what I love. How amazing is that?

Then upon my return home I saw a letter from another organization I had applied at. Again, no luck, they cut the position that I applied for. I remember reading somewhere recently that although times are tough PR jobs in the non-profit sector are actually not taking a hit, at least as bad as the rest of the field. Well I shall keep my fingers crossed and keep on trucking.

Needless to say it was quiet a shock getting back home to the real world, being exhausted after the 17 hour drive then getting more bad news. So to get back to how my perspective on the job search has changed. I realized that what I want and what I was going for aren’t exactly on the same page. I spent my run this morning thinking over what I can do to clear my head and get on the same page. Well I’m going back to the drawing board and am using what I learned in PR to do it.

One of my favorite professors has this way of breaking down what he calls “PR’s challenge” for each client. We went through many an example and then used them ourselves in our applied learning classes. Here’s the rough outline

Client’s background
Client’s Goal
Problems / Threats / Opportunities (PTO or SWAT)
Outline the effects of these on the goal
PR’s Challenge
(repeat objective and activities can be one can be 10)
Review of case, recommendation, is this logical?

Et voila! There you have it. I have used this so many times even at places of business, when the Newspaper I worked at last year was having trouble I sat down and worked through this until I found where our real problems were and how we could use them and work through them to reach our goal. I highly encourage everyone to use this. I realized that I was sitting down at the objective and activity, applying for jobs and looking at where to move. When in reality I didn’t have a solid goal set for myself. So now it’s time, I’m taking on my first client; myself.


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