The Millennial Generation..spoiled but not rotten

33 days after graduation
Day 123 of job hunt

As you know I’m in hot pursuit of my career, however the internet is a perfect distraction from time to time and today’s addition of Dr. WHAW was the perfect 15 minute distraction. One of the articles that Ms. Denison posted today really caught my eye. It is from the NY times and was posted a couple weeks ago. The article is titled The Why-worry Generation It details my generation, the millennials, and how confident we are. In ourselves and what we deserve in life, one might say we have the talk but we do not have the walk.

While reading this I saw myself nodding my head, yup I know people like that. However I really don’t agree with the gross generalization this article makes. Yes, I have a lot of self-important peers out there who won’t take a job unless it’s the job. And yes, we were raised to think we were the best and we don’t take criticism well at all. I could give you pages of examples of people in my PR classes over the years going up to the front of the class room and basically stomping their feet at a grade they received on a project.
For the most part our parents are Baby Boomers, this means that it’s basically one spoiled generation raising another during a time that our country was thriving. How could we not grow up with the subconscious thought that we deserve everything we can dream, it’s what we were taught through actions more than through words. And what’s that old adage… “Actions speak louder than words.”

So in this less than ideal economy us millennials have been thrown into should have us scared…well you know. I think to an extent we are, we’ve just been taught to keep our heads up and push through. I know in my family at least we were taught when adversity strikes you don’t let them see you’re weak. Power through it and you’ll get to where you want to be. I really think on the whole that’s what my generation is doing. We see trouble and instead of saying “Welp, it was good while it lasted time to go to Taco Bell and see if they’re hiring.” we think “Ok how can I get through this, with my ethics and desires intact and still achieve what I want at the end of the day.” I think was Ms. Warner is saying is true to the untrained eye but what we, the millennials, are after is our dream life.

We are learning that it doesn’t come easy, but that’s what every generation has learned since the dawn of time. That lesson normally is something you don’t get until after you’ve received your diploma and stepped off that badly lit stage. So here’s to us millennials! We will get there and achieve our dreams. We just have to realize they might not be wrapped up in the way we expected.


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