PR Goal for myself…

34 days after graduation
Day 124 of career search

On Tuesday, shortly after I wrote my post I sat down with a legal pad and hashed out my own personal PR challenge and goal. Below is what I came up with, now as my professor always told us; the point of this is for the whole thing to be cyclical. You can see that even the last activity ties into the goal you write at the very beginning. Anyone should be able to pick up anywhere during this process and tie in what came before and what is planned to come after. Until of course your goal is reached and for the most part the activities become superfluous. So folks here it is…

Whitney Oppenhuizen

Background: After spending five years studying Public Relations and Outdoor Recreation Management at Northern Michigan University. Whitney Oppenhuizen has graduated cume laude with a Bachelors degree in Communications focusing on Public Relations and minor in Recreation Management.

In the past two years she has gained PR experience as an active member of NMU’s chapter of PRSSA serving as the Secretary for one semester and Director of student run firm PRestige for a year. While holding the position of Firm Director she worked with the Olympic Event Committee planning the entertainment for the 2009 World Short Track Speedskating trials, was the head of accounts for several non profit fundraisers and finally created a campaign for the same non-profit that will be implemented in the coming months.

In addition she also has business experience from holding an internship at a NPO in Wyoming focusing on social media and communication. She was in charge of writing a daily blog for the organization and keeping up with clients questions and requests via phone, email and of course the occasional drop in at the picturesque mountainside office.
Following her internship in Wyoming she took a position as the Business Manager of The North Wind NMU’s student run newspaper. While holding this position she developed the yearly operating budget, in excess of $100,000. When she took this position the company was in the red and in nine months Whitney was able to trim the excess off of the budget motivate the staff and work with the EIC to create a new website and work more with social media. After all of this the paper was out of debt within nine months and the Web site was getting more hits than ever.

With this varied experience and ability to adapt and learn quickly, Whitney is in a position to pounce on any entry level jobs available in the PR field. She is interested in doing more than non-profit work and is more than willing to move anywhere in the United States or beyond if the opportunity is presented.

Goal: To acquire an entry-level position at an agency or organization that takes pride in its environmental and cultural impact on the world by August 2010.


Current job market

There aren’t many companies that are currently hiring at an entry level. Although there are jobs out there, there are more people applying. The recession is still very much affecting the career searches for all, not just entry level professionals.

Whitney is currently living in Michigan, which has the most depressed economy in the nation.

Competitive job market
For every position applied for there are at least six other applicants. Again the depressed economy is affecting every level of the job search.

Connections with people in the PR world.
Over time Whitney has made many connections in the PR world and with family friends and parents past and present work associates there are several promising connections she could work with.

Age / period of life
At this age Whitney has nothing but time to find a job, with no dependents or large amounts of debt hanging over her head she will be able to move wherever she can find work and is 100 percent devoted to finding that position and giving it all of her attention.

PR’s Challenge:
To communicate the message that Whitney is a valuable asset to any PR team or organization.

Public: PR agencies and businesses with ethics and a mission that is parallel with Whitney’s; helping people, caring for a unique culture and environment and a passion for the world around us.

Objective: Behavioral; to have at least one job offer from positions applied for by August 2010.

Activity: Apply for all posted job openings at applicable businesses.
Best Case Scenario: All job openings are applied for and a position at one is secured by August 2010.
Worst Case Scenario: All job openings are applied for and no position is secured.

Probability of success: This activity is logical and makes sense. It will have a 100 percent success rate by August 2010.

Activity: Contact 50 agencies and business, that don’t have position openings posted, that are of interest to Whitney regarding entry level positions by August 2010.

Best Case Scenario: At least one job offer will be secured through contacting agencies.
Worst Case Scenario: No job offers are secured through contacting agencies.

Probability of Success: This makes sense and is logical. It has an 80 percent by contacting at least 50 business Whitney will make herself known to professionals in the field. By doing this she could secure a job at one of the businesses or through the network she will have created.

Ok folks, so longest post ever…hope it was worth the read or the skim. This is the set of goals and activities that are in play now. I applied for about a dozen jobs yesterday, sent out a few introductory emails out. I’m already hearing back from places, granted they’ve all been that I don’t meet requirements (Yes I know I haven’t been in the field that long…but hey it’s all worth a shot!)

Until next week!


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