Some day my PRin..ternship will come

39 Days after graduation
Day 129 of Career Search

As of last Friday here are the stats: over 50 jobs applied for and about a dozen cold contact emails sent out. Last week Thursday I sent out an email to a PR firm inquiring about any available entry level or internship positions. Friday morning I received a response, by that afternoon I had an interview scheduled for Monday (yesterday). After a brief chat on the phone I had secured an internship at a boutique PR firm in my favorite town in the country. No I’m not telling you what town that is…it’s over run with tourists already. Those closest to me completely understand my reason for keeping this one close to my chest.

What I really love about this is that I started refining my search again. There was a month there toward the end of the semester when I was applying for basically anything I could get my hands on. As well as cold contacting firms that only partially met what I wanted in a firm. I decided to stop being picky because I was quickly realizing that being picky wasn’t going to help me in my career search. Just because you start out at a place doing a specific kind of work doesn’t mean you’re stuck in that same position for eternity. Well just last week I said screw it, I’m applying for only the positions I know I’ll love and at places I feel have the same ethics I do. Et voila! Last Friday happened.

I could not be happier about this; this firm has everything I could want; small in size, great location, great clients and range of clients. In short everything I was hoping for. Just further proof that if you put positive thoughts out there and really apply yourself to the activity you can get what you want. Maybe, just maybe if you don’t get what you “want” you’ll get what you need. (Sorry I couldn’t help myself)

Keep on keeping on guys, don’t get disheartened every time you send out a resume or hand off a business card you are presenting yourself to the world. The world isn’t a cruel place by nature, you will get what you want and deserve I promise!


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