Zen and the art of Networking

41 Days after Graduation
Career Search….over. Internship found (incase you missed the last post)

Now that I’m done looking for work, it’s time to put my nose to the grind stone in another department. Learning! Yup, I’m putting myself in summer school, University of Don’t Screw-Up-Your-First-Real-Shot, or if you watched Rocky and Bullwinkle, Whatsamatta U.

What I’m focusing on will be social media (of course). At good ole NMU I received a great education, all the building blocks I need to know for a successful career in PR. The one thing they didn’t touch on was Social Media, toward the end of my PRSSA career as Firm Director I took it upon myself to learn as much as I could and pass it on to my peers. In the few weeks I’ve had off I’ve hit a plateau in my knowledge. So, here I go again, cracking the books.

The first of which is Engage! By Solis followed by Putting the Public back in Public Relations by Breckenridge and Solis. I’ll keep you posted of what I’m learning as I go.

In the mean time I would like to tell you one last little story of hope, for those of you who haven’t quite landed an internship. I call it, Zen and the art of Networking.
One of my odd jobs since I’ve moved back in the with ‘rents has been doing the landscaping at my dad’s office building. I was a gardener for one season four years ago and for some reason I’m known as the “green thumb” in my neighborhood now. I get all the landscaping jobs in the neighborhood, and now city. Hey at least I get to play in the dirt and be in the sun all day!

Anyway one day I was out at my dad’s office weeding a flowerbed and one of the Hygienists from the dentist office next door came out and helped on her lunch break. My family and the dentist’s families have been close friends pretty much since the dawn of time. Well I get to chatting with this woman she asks what I’m doing back in town. I try not to be sarcastic and harp on the negatives as I tell her about my job search.

She asks finally “What kind of PR do you want to do?” I think well anything that will hire me at this point, but say finally “Nonprofit PR would be great, it’s where I have the most experience.” (Truth). She basically tells me to get out of town, literally. “Talk to Walt, (Dentist #2) his daughter just started a business that works with nonprofits to revamp their marketing and pr and get them off the ground.”

I can almost see a halo form above her head and swear I see a chorus of angels singing behind her. I was so excited I tried not to leap up and give her a huge hug. This is PERFECT! Now what would make this story even more perfect would be if after contacting her she had gotten back to me and taken me on as an intern. Sadly I haven’t heard back from her, she does travel the globe quite often as most of the NPO’s she works with are in Africa. But there was a silver lining, this is what got me thinking of how much I love the west, that’s where the business was located. Without that little nudge I wouldn’t have found the firm I now have an internship with. Serendipity at it’s best!

In the coming weeks look for this blog to start detailing what’s going on now that I’ve landed an internship and what I’m learning at Whatamatta U.



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