Summer School

47 Days after Graduation

This post is a day late, I’ve been on the road. Just got up to Marquette Michigan from the suburbs of Chicago, where I was visiting friends. I’m making one last lap through the Midwest then heading out to Wyoming to start my internship in two weeks.
What I’ve really been focusing on since I got this internship has been preparing myself. Not just going out and getting appropriate work attire and that kind of basic stuff but taking notes on what’s going on in the PR world. Specifically focusing on what’s going on with their clients. Also reading like it’s finals week and absorbing as much as I can.
The last conversation I had with my new boss gave me a broad over view of some of the things she wants me to cover. We’ll be chatting again soon to get all the details hammered out. Basically I am spending my time fine tuning my knowledge of all things social media, especially in regards to outdoor gear and of course the people that use the gear.

Terra PR is who I’ll be interning with, a boutique firm in Wyoming. Their clients are primarily outdoor companies, clothing and some gear. This is truly perfect for me as my major for the first three years of school was Outdoor Recreation Leadership and Management, I took a minor in it instead and grabbed the PR degree.
So I’ve been sitting down pounding out little summaries of what’s going on with the clients as well as notes on Outdoor social media sites. I would highly advise doing this especially if you’re young and recently hired. Obviously you know this but I feel like it doesn’t quite get stressed enough. It’s like summer reading for school back in the day you put it off and before you know it it’s August and you’ve got three novels to get through. So sit down and ask yourself what you would expect of a new employee in the first couple weeks, then do that and then some. Research what’s going on, ask questions see if you can find the answers if not ask your boss, or who knows maybe it’ll be answered your first day on the job. It’s better to be over prepared and knowledgeable then have to say on the first day “I don’t know about that one can I get back you.”

If you’re still searching for a job I suggest picking one or two trending topics in your field and become an expert at them. It’s summer, you’ve recently graduated there’s more to life then just sitting on the beach (as fun as that is). So think of what you’re passionate about figure out how PR works in regards to the topic go online and search your little bum off. Head to Barnes and Nobel and pick up a book, there are some great reads out there.

So put on your critical thinking cap and start doing your homework. You might never use what you come up with, but it’s always good to have ideas on deck in case it’s asked of you. And don’t worry it’s easy to read / blog / search and work on your tan line.


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