When I grow up…

55 Days since Graduation

Currently Reading:
Engage! – Brian Solis
They Don’t Teach Corporate in College – Alexandra Levit
More on those at a later date.

I’m starting to pack up my things and get organized for my move west. Having just moved a month ago you’d think it wouldn’t be quite as big of a process but it is. Maybe I should cut down on hobbies, knitting or piano?
While packing up my life and making lists of the lists I need to make I started thinking about where I wanted to be when I was younger. You know the impromptu day dreams we all have when we’re six or seven and see some grown-up that we wanted to be. As I was thinking of my old daydreams and smiling to myself, I am becoming that 20 something woman I always wanted to be.
When I was younger my mom used to bring me to work with her occasionally, even to New York City a couple times on business trips. She was the head of the marketing department for Steelcase. I loved watching her run around the office setting up displays for NeoCon in Chicago every year. I thought, wow she’s amazing all these people she works with are so creative and interesting, not to mention the woman had some great shoes.
Well life rolled on, I started dreaming of other things, like become a veterinarian and living in Wyoming with a big ranch full of horses. Now a few more years later here I sit, at a nice café in my hometown realizing my dreams. Thinking back to when I was six watching my mom run around. Now I realize that that is truly what I want to be. A woman in charge of my life, working passionately in a field I love, with interesting people and beautiful places.

I know this is a very introspective post but I felt that I needed to be said. I’m in limbo for the next few days and it’s refreshing to have time where I’m not worried and I can just reflect on the life I’ve lead, dreams I’ve had and where I’m going tomorrow. Never again will we be in this place in our lives folks, so look around and enjoy it.

To quote on of my favorite movies, set in my favorite city, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop to look around once in awhile, you might miss it.” – Ferris Bueller from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.


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