West Michigan Night Club gets bad rap, GM stands strong.

I’ve been absent from posting lately and that is due to the both internships picking up. More on that later, I’ll hopefully get a post in later today or Friday.

I just saw this on my Facebook feed and had to applaud the GM of The Blue Note / Carbon. This is a bar and club just north of my hometown. I went there in the past to see friends bands play and enjoy a variety of music. Apparently they are caught up in a scandal in the neighborhood, there was an attack on an individual on the same block and gunshots were fired. Now this part of town has always been working class and really has earned a bad reputation over the years. However I know the area personally and would feel just as comfortable walking that neighborhood as I would walking downtown Grand Rapids, MI or even Chicago after dark.

Long story short I just want to applaud Lisa Downie on getting out there and nipping this story in the bud. This is PR right here, nothing but honesty and facts being laid on the line. I promise Ms. Downie when I’m back visiting family I will swing in to the Blue Note and enjoy some of the local music scene once again.



2 thoughts on “West Michigan Night Club gets bad rap, GM stands strong.

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  1. I just read this, (I know I am pretty late to the party). I want to thank you for you words of support. That was a very difficult time. I have launched my own Company called Mona Lisa Productions and have found success putting up shows at various venues, but sadly, none in Muskegon.

    Twitter: @LisaADownie

    1. Hi Lisa! You’re very welcome I’m very glad to hear things are going well now. Although you’re not in Muskegon currently I’m sure it’s just a matter of time.
      All the best!

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