Public Relations poised to rebound faster than Advertising and Marketing fields

While going through my RSS reader today I found this post by Ron Culp which covered the recent post in the New York Times regarding the Public Relations field and the economy. This past week MDC partners acquired a majority share in Kwittken & Company, a PR agency in NYC with clients like McGraw-HIll and Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate. The title of the article that ran in the NYT on September 8 was “Growing Appreciation for P.R. on Madison Avenue” I can’t tell you how happy that made me.

To this day I still catch flack for being in the PR field, people cracking jokes that I’m having trouble finding a full time job because businesses are “realizing” that they don’t need “spin-doctors.” So seeing an article like this run in the Times made my day. PR is finally getting the recognition it deserves. One of the key points, that is getting PR the recognition it has always deserved, is that people in the field jumped on the social / digital media bandwagon early on. Now a year or two later PR pro’s have positioned themselves as experts in the field.

I’ll echo Ron Culp’s post; the best thing young PR pro’s can do right now is become masters of social media and digital communication. This is truly where PR and communications strategies are going. Now this doesn’t mean that the theory and “old school” PR is dead. What will be next is a hybrid of the two. So start learning, and teach yourself to think outside the box. It’s what we do in this field. Look at the big picture and see opportunities, and problems, before anyone else can fathom those opportunities or problems.


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