Twitter Etiquette

I’ve gone over email etiquette, and now it’s time to tackle Twitter Etiquette, or Twiterquette if you will. Now I’m sure most of this will be read and followed with a “No duh” type comment but I can’t stress enough how important it is to practice proper etiquette. Hey college kids, I’m talking to you. Let’s start with the don’ts first, I’m a give me the bad news first kinda gal.


  • Even think about Tweeting under the influence, I don’t care if you just had surgery and you want to fill in friends on what’s going on. Have your family or friends fill them in, you recover. You never know what you’ll say when you’re dopped up waiting to be discharged from the hospital. You don’t want some bash at a coworker or boss / professor or classmate to come tumbling out.
  • Post what you’re thinking and feeling at 2A.M. It doesn’t matter if your sober or not, you’re probably exhausted or on a caffeine high. Chances are the next morning you’ll wake up and regret it.
  • Put forty eight hashtags on every thing you tweet. First off I think that may be impossible and secondly you only get 140 characters keep it light and succinct.
  • If a DM isn’t sent properly don’t send out a Twitter wide “oops sorry folks that was for____” take it down as soon as your realize it and send it correctly. There’s no reason to draw more attention to the slip up. Think of it as messing up at work, then standing up in your cubical and saying “HEY EVERYONE! LOOK WHAT I JUST DID.”
  • Follow people just to get your numbers up. Follow people you’re interested in. I’ve heard people mention at work that someone probably isn’t as reputable as they seem because the ratio of who they’re following to who is following them is severely skewed. Plus you look like a spammer, let your following build slowly.
  • Tweet sensitive information, it’s great that your interview went well and you got the gig. But if you know that they have yet to contact other applicants, keep mum.
  • Tweet your emotional status. I know Bobby or Susie just broke up with you, it’s probably the end of your world, but the world doesn’t need to know it. Text your BFF and go watch Sleepless in Seattle. It’ll be ok. This also goes for bad days at the office, or frustration with anything. Unless there is a proactive post behind it, don’t do it. Twitter is instant personal branding, do you want to be known as the person who complains all the time?


  • Retweet, within reason. If it’s a post you enjoyed then retweet it. Don’t just retweet everything the CEO says, you look like a suck up. See last Friday’s post.
  • DM people if you really enjoy something they’ve posted. It is more personal then sending out a Tweet with a mention.
  • Provide quality content to your followers. Check out this post from Social Media Today from last week.
  • Participate in Twitter Chats. Search for key terms of your field or things your passionate about, chances are there’s a weekly chat that happens. Follow that hashtag! HEY PR STUDENTS: #PR20chat #PRstudchat #u30pro
  • THINK before you tweet. (I know duh) but send your tweet through this filter before you post “Will I still want to stand behind this tweet in 2 hours, 3 days, 12 months from now?”

*All of these do’s and don’ts are the same for anything you would share on Facebook.*

As always, just use your brain! Twitter is an amazing networking tool. You can find great people in your field, wonderful articles and blogs and its a great way to get your voice out there and get noticed. Just use this power wisely.


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