Organize Your Virtual World

For Friday I thought I would keep it light, so let’s talk organization.  We all learn early on in school and at home that organizing is “key” well the same goes for your virtual world. This is by far one of my favorite things to do. Remember that scene in High Fidelity when Rob breaks up with his girlfriend and proceeds to reorganize his vinyl in some obscure way? Well that is totally something I would do. I’m the queen of organization.

It’s important to keep things neat and organized when working online. You don’t want to have to go digging through your inbox for an important email your boss wants you to forward. The same goes for your RSS reader and Twitter. When you want to contact someone quickly or look up information quickly it’s best to have it organized in a way that suits you.

I’m a big fan of Gmail’s Priority Inbox it allows me to ferret out the emails that I need to respond to right away and let the others (from Mom and Dad) slide, I think it does it much better than good old fashioned flagging or staring of emails does.

On Twitter I recommend placing all of the people you follow into groups. This allows friends to easily look up people you follow based on common interests and it allows you to peruse Twitter for a specific topic without too much scrolling. Similar to hash tags but more general, I have a groups broken down by PR, Social Media, Media outlets etc. This allows me to quickly go through tweets that I’m interested in at that moment.

The same goes for your RSS reader, if you don’t have one already  GO GET ONE! I suggest Google Reader, it’s easy to operate and organize your folders. Again I do it by business and personal with sub folders in each.

Finally Facebook, yes I even have that organized, at least the Facebook Chat. I have it broken down based on region and professional / personal. This allows me to occasionally network using Facebook or just catch up on a Sunday afternoon with old friends from college.

The less digging you have to do the more productive you’ll be.

I could go much more in depth with organization here but I’ll stop myself. If you have questions or want to share your favorite way of organizing your online life please comment or email me.


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