More About Whitney Update

Blacktail Butte in fall
Not hiking in this kind of weather, at least not yet.

I’ve decided to add a new aspect to my blog, once a week I’ll post about what I personally have going on in my life currently; favorite hobbies, cultural events etc. It’ll be called MAWU or More About Whitney Update. I want a chance to put more of my personality out there and make this blog about more than just advice about getting your career off the ground. There’s a real person behind these blog posts!

So this week I’ve chosen to talk about where I physically am right now. I’m living in my families cabin in Jackson, WY finishing up my internship at Terra PR. This week my parents came into town as well as my uncles, that means lots of dinners out and catching up with family that I haven’t seen in months. We will be enjoying the fall hiking weather, most likely doing a little hike up Blacktail Butte. It’s been one of my favorite hikes since I was a little kid.

Blacktail Butte is a butte (hill for those east coasters) in the center of the Teton Valley, when you’re on top you have an amazing view of the Teton Mountain Range as well as the Gros Ventre’s and Jackson Peak and the town of Jackson. This time of year hopefully we’ll see some Elk starting to migrate and, my personal favorite, the Bison.

That’s your “More About Whitney” update for this week. Have a great weekend!


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