Gen Y Career Search Tools


If you’re a Gen Y’er you more than likely remember that line. For today I just wanted to let all of my fellow Gen Y’ers know about some amazing tools that are out there to help us in our Career Search. It’s no secret that times are tough and our generation is facing the most difficult job market since World War II. We need all the help we can get, good luck out there in “Career Search Land.”

Youtern – This is a wonderful website where you can post your resume and search for internships. It’s an aggregator focused specifically for college students and recent graduates to find internships in their field.

Student Branding – A great site that offers contacts, blogs, resources and videos that will help you start creating your personal brand today. Remember everything you do creates your brand, and it doesn’t start after you graduate, it started yesterday.

Ms. Career Girl – A wonderful blog with posts regarding young women starting their careers. If you’re looking for a place to guest blog this would be it. –  For those of you who want to work in the non-profit or government sectors this is the job search site for you. Thousands of job opportunities listed for large and small non-profits world wide.

JibberJobber – I am so excited about this one! I actually found it while putting this post together. It’s a job application management system. That allows you to track all of the contacts you’ve made while applying for jobs or at conferences, as well as track all of the jobs you’ve applied for and make notes and alerts for yourself when you need to follow up. AMAZING!

PRSA Job Center – If you’re a member of PRSSA and in your last semester of college you can join PRSA, I highly suggest it.

Another tip – Use Twitter, you’ll notice for the last link is a twitter link. More and more people are finding jobs via twitter. Follow the right people and be proactive and you could be one of them.


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