Finding The Right Gig For You

I graduated in May, during my last semester of college it’s safe to say I was a little worried. I was heading into one of the worst job markets in our nations history. How was I going to find a job? I wasn’t at all worried about if I got my dream job right off the bat (which according to many articles out there on Gen Y is not typical.) All I knew is that if I didn’t have a job lined up by the end of the summer I was going to be a failure.

Well it’s the end of September now, I still don’t have a “job”  and as I quickly approach my birthday I can’t help but think of where I was a year ago. I distinctly remember thinking, “There are so many choices out there how will I make the right one for myself?” Now I’m just as unsure as I was 12 months ago but the one lesson I’ve learned is that you need to do what fits for you.

So that’s the sage advice from the young PR pro today. Dont’ do what I did, don’t throw your resume out into the universe without care. This isn’t to say that you should be picky and only apply for jobs at your top five favorite companies. But don’t apply for any old job when you know you wont enjoy it.

I honestly never thought this is the position I would be in right now. I have a great internship wrapping up, where I have learned a lot just by watching and working on the projectes I was assigned. My other internship is going to keep rolling and has taught me so much on the other side of the coin. I essentially freelance at that internship and it has provided me with a lot of confidence, and reality checks.

My dream has always been to start my own consulting firm and I never thought I would get experience this early in my career. Since I’ve been working at these internships I’ve had a couple other nibbles on freelance work here and there. All the while I’m still looking for full time work at a firm or non-profit.

What is important to do is realize what your long and short term goals are and if you can work at both of them simultaneously, as I have been able to. It is worth more than some job you took out of fear of never  being employed.

So go out and try, write down your big life plans and it will help to guide you to find your own gig.


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  1. What a great outlook, Whitney! I’m sure it is difficult, and I’ve heard similar stories from more recent grads than I care to count. Hang in there. Sounds like you are doing all the right things!

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