Adding Foursquare to My Social Media Lineup

Ok, I finally broke down and got Foursquare. Now I’ve been avoiding this for a while. First off because when it started up I was living in an area that was quite remote and I figured there wouldn’t be any place to check in. Then I moved to Wyoming, where there aren’t many places to check in. So why you ask did I bother getting Foursquare? When we all know that each of us is constantly treading water in the giant pool that is our social media accounts.

For one simple reason, I wanted to be able to talk to future clients (at my awesome future full time job, anybody hiring??) about uses for Foursquare. I want to be able to tell them what kind of competitions and give aways tend to work best as well as how they can use it to gauge when certain types of people are heading to their stores, and many other ways that Foursquare can up client interaction.

Now here’s what I have to admit, I think I’ve “checked in” three times. This is because I’m still getting used to it and sometimes I feel a little too 1984 telling the world exactly where I am at all times. I mean, I already have a Blackberry with my email, twitter, and facebook apps going at all times. I’m already constantly available. I also don’t want to let another form of social media take over, like many people I tend to get fascinated with whatever new toy I have.

My goal for the rest of this year is to check in 100 more times. Luckily I’ll be heading to Ft. Collins / Denver next weekend so there will be plenty of opportunities there and back in Michigan when I visit for the holidays. I’m excited to try this little experiment with myself and to learn more about Foursquare as I go. As I’m a fairly late adopter I feel like I have a lot of catching up to do.

What has your experience with Foursquare been? Do You enjoy it, or is it just another social media tool for which you have to remember a password? Please comment or send me an email and let me know, I would love to hear about your interaction with it.


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