Perspective, Inspiration and Finding Your Strength

It's all about perspective, and what you make of it.

“The world is what you make of it friend. If it doesn’t fit, make alterations.”

For your weekly MAWU dose I’ve decided to discuss inspiration. To me it’s a very personal topic and one that is necessary in all aspects of life. I think that inspiration is the driving force behind everyones life. If you’re not inspired by your work, or for your work then you will not be happy with what you’re doing. In today’s Western culture when almost everyone isn’t defined by who they are but the work that they do being inspired seems to be more important than ever.

Currently I am back on the job hunt and with a couple of good leads in two very different directions I am having to balance my inspiration. The first opportunity is for a Non-profit that works with women and children in conflict regions. This is the exact kind of PR work that I one day dream of doing, when I own my own firm. The only issue with this internship is that it’s unpaid. Yesterday I was contacted regarding another position that I applied for, at a local University. This position is paid and temporary and currently very attractive considering that I currently don’t have a full time position. However this position has nothing to do with public relations.

So I am at a cross roads it seems and must choose between my inspiration and functionality. Now being me I’m going to try to make both work, forever a Libra. What I want to convey to all of my fellow entry-level job seekers is there is always a way to live your ideal life, sometimes it just takes a little creative thinking.

Today, as I’m working on both my personal blog and for one of my internships I stumbled across a wonderful quote one of my bosses posted online.

“To change your reality, you just have to look at it differently”

This is exactly what Gen Y needs to realize right now. As long as we have what inspires us near by, even if the only way we can fit it in is to volunteer for a while. We will be happy and engaged in our lives. We (Gen Y) must realize that with perseverance and being planted in reality, instead of our idealistic dream lands, we will reach our goals. If you’re like me right now and getting frustrated at times with your job search, or possibly your current position if it’s less than ideal, step back and change your perspective. I have spent the past couple of days working on that, in my abundant free time, and have started to feel inspired again.

Look at where you were five months ago? Maybe you just graduated now look at where you are and everything you’ve learned in that short amount of time.

Pretty impressive isn’t it?

Keep your inspiration near by, and make sure to look at every opportunity and circumstance from every perspective, in short BE OPEN!


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