The First Day at PRSSA National Conference




First off I need to note that as I’ve just moved across the state and have yet to get internet up and running at my house. I’ll be posting notes about the conference a day late due to this.

I received my first update from Lizzie Corser regarding the sessions she attended.

The Key Note Address was from Jim Margolis of GMMB noted the importance of sincerely reaching out to people and noting the way one conducts research are transferable and can be used to create meaningful change in the world. One of the newest and best tools to do this is by utilizing social media campaigns. Noting that if Facebook was a country it would be the fourth largest country in the world.

After a key note like that I could only image how excited students were to learn, network and create.

Session: Creating a Career in Entertainment and Sports

“Find something you love and find a way to make it your career.” Truer words could not be spoken, make sure you have passion driving everything you do. If you don’t you risk hating what you spend a majority of your life creating.

  • Brainstorming new ways to get the media involved and making sure to FOLLOW UP. If you don’t engage the media your product doesn’t exists to the public and then you don’t have a star or a sports team.
  • Make sure to track the coverage that your client receives and that it is branded to reach your goal.
  • “Make sure everyone is singing from the same song sheet.” Just because you have someone dubbed “spokes person” on your staff doesn’t mean they are the only one creating the image of your client. Everyone on your staff has an effect on the branding of your client.
  • Tell the whole truth – half-truths are never ok, because eventually the other half of the story emerges.
  • Contribue  something extra, go beyond the meeting with just coffee and donuts bring your enthusiasm for the project and go the extra mile with every part of the meeting.

More notes on sessions to come. Turns out internet access is a bit dodgy with Lizzie as well. If you have any comments on sessions you’ve attended so far please comment I’d love to hear your thoughts. In the coming weeks I’m planning on writing more in depth on topics covered this week.


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