Taking Your Time – Lessons From A Week of Training


Decide what you need to find your happy medium.


I’ve been MIA lately because I just started my temp position at the University of Wyoming in beautiful Laramie. I am filling in as the assistant to the CIO for the next 14 to 15 weeks. With this new job added to my work load, I’m still working for Sidney Maxwell PR, time management is key right now.

In the coming weeks posts will most likely be geared toward what I’m learning at my job here at UW and how I am translating those skills to future positions in PR (most of this will be through hypotheticals as I’m still looking for full time employment.)

Moving fast, it’s been something I’ve done my entire life. My mother always said “Slow down Whitney, you’ll miss the beauty or mess up a detail.” So true, oh if only I knew then what I know now. When I’m asked what my weakness is in a job interview I often answer; I move quickly from project to project. This week has been so helpful in slowing down my inner speed demon.

I have been training under the woman I will be taking over for and she has been methodically walking me through all that she does. Which is a lot, spread over a wide range of topics and divisions. Due to the diversity in tasks I have had to force myself to slowly take note of the in’s-and-out’s and slowly work through tasks that I am given.

In this experience I think I have finally found my pacing in work. Not that I’ve gone completely from the hare to the tortoise. I’m balancing the natural ability I have to move quickly from task to task and taking my time to double and tripple check the details. How was I able to channel this in just a few days, you ask?  By closely studying how the employee before me completed the same tasks I will be asked to complete. This is a rare chance to be able to learn from the person who held a position before you.

I urge you to take time to decide what aspects of your work, or personal, persona need an overhaul. Once you’ve observed your habits and decided to make the choice it’s not nearly as hard as it may seem now. When you are conscious in the moment you become acutely aware of your actions and it is much easier to pause and change a habit.


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