Hey Universe, it’s Whitney. (MAW)

Recently, I’ve read several blogs concerning Percolation posts – putting your wants out there to the universe and being open to receiving what comes to you.

I loved this idea and saw that the women who had previously posted had great results. This idea is really wonderful and I think that stepping back and really tracking what your wants are is key to making sure you are on track to reach your goals.

Without further adieu here are my requests for the universe:

  • Find more time in my schedule, and a great instructor, to start Yoga again.
  • Find full time work in my field.
  • Finding and following connections to allow me to quickly find work in PR.
  • The opportunity to work for a PR firm / business / university / non-profit that has similar ideals as I do.
  • Allow that opportunity to pay a decent amount.
  • A cheap flight back to MI for the holidays.
  • Time to catch up on reading.
  • The ability to keep moving forward at my internship and continue to improve.
  • Discover new friends in Laramie that I can enjoy and will inspire me.
  • A chance to catch up with all of my friends from Marquette when I’m back in MI for Christmas.

Currently that is my wish list for the universe. Let’s keep this ball rolling – here are posts to other Percolation’s made online. Make sure to link back to this when you write yours.

Nailah – Are you there Universe?
Kylie – Answer my Call
Maureen – Dear Santa


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