How You Are Interacting with The “Job Market”

Are you open enough to accept the unexpected job opportunity?

Last weekend I was out with a group of new friends here in Laramie and we were discussing my new position at the University of Wyoming. One of the women I was speaking with asked me about my past internships and if I was still working remotely. I told her I was still working a few hours a week for the firm in Chicago. She mentioned how all she hears from my generation is how hard it is to find a position. I laughed and said it wasn’t at all what I expected but it’s only as hard as you make it.

Jason Alba at Jibber Jobber also wrote a post on his blog about this topic last week; “The Hidden Job Market.” In the post he details that it is only as hard to find a job as you make it. There are opportunities at each coffee shop, cocktail hour and with every neighbor you have. This seems hard to believe at times I know. Especially when you’ve been searching for a job for a year or more.

Like most of my fellow May ’10 graduates I started looking for full time work the January before my graduation. I still don’t have a full time position, don’t get me wrong I haven’t given up. What I have changed is how specific my search is and I’ve opened up to opportunities that have presented themselves that were unexpected.

I have followed connections to the internship I’m have in Chicago, which continues to challenge me daily and help me to grow professionally. My internship at Terra PR, which ended two weeks ago, helped me to gain contacts in the Mountain West that are invaluable. Most recently I took a job as an Assistant at U of Wyo. I knew when I took this job that it wasn’t my dream PR job but again it is a wonderful networking opportunity. Not to mention that my past experience in PR using social media is what set me apart in that position, because they are interested in learning how social media could benefit them.

So in short Gen Y, it’s important that we keep our eyes on our ultimate goal and dream job. Make sure that along the way you also keep your eyes open for opportunities you might not of thought of. I guarantee you that as long as you are working hard and applying yourself no matter what type of position you take, be it temporary or an internship, it will help you to reach your ultimate goal. And if you are open to the opportunities along the way it will help you to become more well rounded and develop skills you wouldn’t have if you just sat at home in your parents basement staring at job listings all night.


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