Do You Guys Talk?

A 21st Century Date?

A few days ago my boyfriend and I were at a local coffee house / bar having a drink together in the evening and working, each of us on our respective Macs. Silently typing away, him working on upcoming lectures and myself working on tasks for my remote internship. We were disrupted from our work when a cowboy hat clad local came up to us and asked “Do you guys talk?” what shocked me about this question was that it wasn’t asked crudely. He genuinely didn’t understand us and wanted to. We chuckled and said of course, we’re just working right now. He nodded and walked out of the building into the Wyoming sunset (like only a cowboy can.)

At first I was irked by the question from the cowboy. How dare he question my relationship when all I’m trying to do is complete an honest days work and actually see my boyfriend for a couple hours between jobs. Later that evening we were back at home both reading and relaxing. My boyfriend looked over at me and asked, “Do you think he would have asked us if we talked at all if we were reading instead of sitting on our computers?”  I again was shocked by the question, why didn’t I think of that?! Is it true? I mulled over the question for several minutes. Could this really be another example of the generation gap?

I recently wrote a post for SMartPR about smartphones and their effect on relationships. This same thought came to mind when I was thinking over the events of that evening.  Did the old Cowboy believe that my significant other and I were actively ignoring our relationship with one another for a relationship with our matching Mac Books? Further more how and why should you prove to a complete stranger that you have built a solid relationship with a significant other?

Then naturally my train of thought went to my generation, is this where we are getting our “bad rap” from? YES. I am done harping on the generation gap. Since the dawn of time the older generations have felt that the up and comers are slightly out of their minds and out of touch with reality.

I had to bring this to attention again, as examples of this are everywhere. What do you think, do you ever feel the need to defend your actions when they include an electronic device or your “Gen Y attitude”?


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