It’s “The Biz” Baby.

As of late life in this litte town has been providing me with plenty of inspiration for blog posts.

Last week I was working at my favorite little cafe in town and was sitting a couple tables away from this weeks episode of “Celibacy in the Country” – ie. four young women  here in Laramie sitting around talking about work, men and their personal lives. I loved it.

At one point the women were all talking about their work lives and one woman said to another “Don’t worry about making friends, it’s the biz, do whatever you need to do to win.” Hmm, I don’t agree with this at all. I was raised by a woman who worked in Marketing in the 80’s, the hay day for that kind of thinking. She made a point, when I became old enough, to teach me that no matter what the situation that’s not how you act. That is unless your end goal is to burn every bridge and make enemies of everyone you interact with in your work life.

So why is this type of thinking apparently still prevalent? I honestly believe that that type of thinking specifically coincides with people who will never make it that far in their chosen field. No one is going to stand up for you in a situation or suggest you for a promotion if you are known as a “take no prisoners”, “people are better used for steps then colleagues”, type of employee.

Yet another example of Karma, or my favorite; treat others how you would like to be treated.


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