It’s Your Life and You Can Do What You Want

Don't let this be you.

One of my top five pet peeves – complaining, especially in public over the phone or loudly to friends.

Let me preface this by saying we all need to vent sometimes and it’s generally at a bar or cafe over drinks. I understand there is a time and place for it. What I can’t stand is when people complain about their chosen career field.

Because of my remote internship I’m often at coffee shops working so I over hear a lot of conversations. Almost every time I’m out I over hear someone complaining about something. Most recently I’ve heard many complaints about college classes and professors, midterms were a couple weeks ago and students are now closing in on finals.

I can’t say this any better than this: Stop complaining.

One thing is for sure, especially in a small town like this, you complain loud enough and someone who know’s someone you work with will hear you. This is never good, complaining is a sign of unwillingness to change or look at your position from a different perspective.  When you complain to coworkers it will get around that, that is your attitude toward work. Much like I stated in my post on Monday, on attitude toward moving up in your field, complaining is a sure fire way to have management see that you aren’t the best candidate for the promotion, or new project. Complaining is a sign that you can’t handle what is already on the table in front of you.

We all signed up for the life we are leading and complaining doesn’t do you any good, action does. If you’re frustrated with work, do something to change it. Even if it’s just going for a run, or spending 20 minutes on the computer every couple days searching for alternate jobs.

We also all have a lot going on in our personal lives, crazy parents, significant others, training the new puppy and juggling nights out with friends. Get over it, everyone at one point in their life or another is going to  be over worked, it’s just a fact.

So buck up and get back to it. It’s the only way to grow and mature in your life.


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