What happens when you start new, again?

It seems that all I’ve been doing for the past six months is starting over. This hasn’t been one long new start it’s been several in half a year.

– Graduating from College
– Moving back home
– Moving across country for an internship
– Starting a remote internship (while starting the above listed internship)
– Moving across the state to start a temp job
– Starting new relationships
– Constantly changing the way I’m conducting my job search
– Securing another internship after my temp job

This whole shift in life and life style is very taxing yet I find it extremely exhilarating. From month to month I never really know what will be happening next. I am still getting the question, most recently from my younger brother, “What are your plans fo the next couple years?” or my personal favorite “What’s your five year plan.”

I don’t know, and I don’t have one. AND that doesn’t bother me one bit.

Here’s the deal, lesson numero uno:  you can only depend on yourself and change. Everything else is just the icing on top. I have a grand plan of what I’d like to achieve (see the newly added “Whit’s Bucket List” section of my blog). You can plot and plan until the cows come home but that doesn’t mean you’re going to follow the exact path you’ve laid out for yourself to get there.

All you can do is trust in yourself and the universe and follow your gut. When you do that you’ll always be happy and challenged.

Enjoy each new beginning and step of your journey. Realize that it is all yours and you can take whatever detour you’d like.


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