Making a Great Last Impression

Recently the wonderful people over at Youtern posted an article about making a great last impression at your internship, after all they are the internship specialists. This article really stuck with me, I’ve had several internships in my day and sadly may not have done all of the times on the “To-do list.”  First off here is a link to the article on Youtern and below is my two cents on the idea.

After an Interview – Send a thank you email to the HR rep who put your interview together. I’m currently in a role where it’s my job to schedule interviews and a candidate did this for me recently and I have to say I like him already.
While you’re at it send them a thank you CARD a week after the interview. When you are in the running for a position at a very competitive company, or even competitive city, it’s so important to stand out.

Do not call to say thank you. Think about it, the conversation is pretty limited “Hi XX, I just wanted to call and say thank you for allowing me to interview with (Company X).” “Blah Blah.” “Ok have a great day!” They may remember to tell the rest of the hiring committee or they may just forget as they try to refocus on whatever work they are doing. A card and email stick around a whole lot longer then a one sentence phone call.

Make sure to like, follow and fan the company. Join groups that they are part of on Linkedin, then PARTICIPATE. Once you’re on a persons radar you have to keep your place there or you will easily be forgotten for a newer shinier entry level pro. (Sorry for the reality check.)

Remember the common courtesy you see in old movies, how your grandparents wax romantic about the good ole days when suiters would bring a gift for the family AND flowers for the girl he was suiting? Be that person. I’m not saying bring a box of chocolate or wine to an interview but old fashioned respect and kindness go a long way in today’s society, especially when all of the Baby Boomers and Gen X’ers hiring expect us to be glued to our smart phones and saying “Like it was really nice to meet you.”



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