Why Blog?

I’ve heard this question often from family and friends who haven’t found their “niche” using social media or just plain avoid it. Avoiding social media is just fine, it’s not for everyone but I personally believe that people over look how useful it is.

Take my friend from high school for example. She recently graduated with a degree in Interior Design (if you’re looking for a young designers fresh eye, she’s your gal. I’d post a link to her webstie here but she doesn’t have one.) I completely understand her not having a blog. It’s not a priority, she currently works a full time job and has an internship on the side. Factor in her insane commute and balancing personal life and things like social media and blogging fall by the wayside.

She is the perfect example though, as an Interior Designer most people would generalize that she doesn’t need a blog. What designers are blogging today and what the heck do they blog about? Valid point, but let’s say you, an interior designer fresh out of college, apply for a job at a bigger design firm in Minneapolis. If you make it through the first round of resume cuts, ya know the one where they don’t even call you but just toss your resume in the “probably not” pile. They are going to google you pre and post interview to see if what you said on paper and in the interview checks out.

Wouldn’t it be refreshing and really nice for the employer to be able to google “Susie Q” and have her Linkedin profile as well as a blog pop up. Now I know your asking, I’m not a bloggy person. I got my degree in a creative profession because I LOATH writing more than I have to or having to explain my creative genius. I totally understand.

Ok so you ARE an artist, make your blog reflect you. Have it tailored, as much as you can, with knowledge of HTML and money to buy themes, to your personal brand. Then post examples of past work you’ve done, think of it as an online resume. Which you can also create too, why I am pushing for a blog here is because it allows you to put in your two cents on big trends happening in your profession.

An employer is going to be impressed if you’ve taken the time to dissect the latest happenings in your field. In the competitive job market that exists today setting yourself apart from the pack is more important than ever. Now if a possible employer can get an insight into the way you work and your opinions on your chosen field, before they hire you on and work with you for six months, you’ve really set yourself apart.

So think about it, the initial time and creativity investment of starting a blog is pretty high. First think about what you would want to post of work you’ve already done, then think up five or 10 ideas for blog posts. After you’ve done that map out how often you’d like to post, three times a week, more less, only when interesting stuff happens…

Think about it, seriously, it’s so easy to  carve out your own little home on the internet. If you do it right, connect through social media channels and provide links to content on resumes, you could find yourself being offered your dream job before you know it.


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