Customer Service – MAW

I’m getting old. Well not really I’m in my mid 20’s I’ve got a solid 60 + years ahead of me. But personality wise, I’m getting picky and frustrated with things I used to just shrug off read: Customer service.

In the past two weeks I have encountered two really frustrating customer service experiences. I’ll discuss the most annoying one…

On Nov. 16th someone in my hometown posted a listing on Criagslist for an apartment. They posted MY cell phone number as the contact, no email or other form of contact, just MY PHONE NUMBER. When I looked at my missed calls after work Monday evening I had 4 missed calls from numbers I didn’t know, and two messages. Anyone who knows me knows I can’t stand voicemail, unless it’s an utterly hilarious message or they are calling me from a concert I couldn’t attend. So before I checked my voicemail I just called the numbers back. The first two said they were calling me about my apartment listing on Craigslist. Ok, we have a problem. Then the two voicemails were regarding the same posting.

I immediately checked the listing, as I received another handful of phone calls. I found the listing and flagged it then emailed Criagslist’s customer service. Three emails and three auto-responses later (the auto responses told me to deal with it, or contact the poster…which we all know was futile because they didn’t post an email address).

The next day 7 more calls and messages. I decided to call Craigslist’s 800 number. They told me they can’t offer service for that type of issue over the phone. WHAT?! Seriously? I’m stuck in email purgatory and YOU a human being working for Craigslist can’t help me? I asked the woman what I could do. She told me to send an email with the subject line 911 to the abuse email address. I did and got the SAME auto-answer.

So I sighed and changed my outgoing message to say “If you’re calling regarding the apartment for rent, you’ve reached the wrong number. The posters listed my number instead of theirs. I’m working on fixing the situation.”

Then I had my Mom drive by the apartment to see if the REAL phone number was listed, no luck.

By Friday Craigslist sent me an email telling me to stop emailing them. Three days after I had sent the last email, I get a real one telling me to stop emailing. Not “We’re working on it, please allow us X amount of time to fix the situation.” just “Stop emailing us.”

Today, the post was finally taken down, 9 voicemails and 20 some calls later. I had to go on Craigslist to check if the post was down, they didn’t even email me to let me know.

I know this doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it’s just a pain to have MY phone number, which I don’t post anywhere, on the web for all to see. Not to mention the cost of the people who posted the add with the wrong phone number who missed a weeks worth of selling opportunities.

Hopefully Craigslist can get their customer service act together, because it kinda sucks. Ok now this crotchety old lady will get off her soap box.


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