You Want Your Ski….Go Get It.

One of my favorite Warren Miller quotes is, “You want your ski? Go get it.” (me and a million other ski and snowboard enthusiasts.) This line is famously used in any scene of a Warren Miller film where a skier loses his or her ski. And when I can tie in a quote from a ski god like Mr. Miller to PR, I’m gonna do it.

I was talking with a close friend earlier this week who has just started her first year of med-school. She came to me with a question, should she ask for the position she wants in a department at her university? I answered with a resounding YES. Just a day before I had read a blog about the same topic. The moral of the blog being, you get what you ask for.

I chatted with my friend for a couple minutes and she asked me how she should phrase her request for the position, that may or may not exist. We bounced ideas back and forth (because I know nothing about medical lingo) and soon enough she had a couple of different phrasings mapped out depending on how the meeting goes.

Moral of the story – If you want that job, go get it. The first step to getting the job is to ask for it, or ask if it even exists. Make sure you have all of your questions mapped out well before hand. Have a version of the question mapped out if your interviewer had mentioned the position and have a different version inquiring about a position that might not exist. This way, no matter what, you will be prepared and able to get the answers you want and need.

Go out there and get that ski before it gets any further away from you.


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