“Hang in There” or “Keep on Truckin”

I’ve always been told that your attitude toward any job no matter how small is important. On some level I’ve always agreed with that statement. It never hit me until a couple weeks ago when I was making the thousandth phone call to a company, trying to track down information about hand dryers. Yeah, seriously, hand dryers, the kind that are in bathrooms.

A couple of days later I was chatting with a higher up in my department. She said that if I play my cards right and really work hard on the few projects I’ve been given without letting my secretarial duties fall through the cracks, I have a shot. A shot at what? A shot at hanging out after my temping time is done. I was pretty excited and motivated after that comment.

Then a day or two later the highest of the higher ups that I work with told me he kept hearing nothing but good things about me from other managers in the department. I was pretty taken aback, how does this happen?

Let me break down my job for you: I answer phones, schedule meetings, edit documents and I’ve recently been put in charge of creating a couple new aspects to the department, nothing huge just things that have fallen through the cracks in years past. Honestly, between all of that and the random questions and craziness that happens in a tech department daily I hardly leave my office. How are these people hearing from me?

Because good news travels fast, I  settled in and didn’t doubt my capabilities for a second. Ok that’s a bit of a stretch but I put on a smile and my answer is always “will do.” Filing backed paper work for an over worked division of the department or offering to take over party planning duties, makes an impact on people. You’re willing to do the things most won’t and you don’t gripe about it.

I’m well aware of the fact that I’m at the bottom of the totem pole right now. There is a lot I have to learn and the thing I can do best at this moment is to take on as much as I can handle, still produce a grade A product, and to keep my ears open and my trap shut.

So my message to you young guns out there sitting in the same boat is to keep on truckin’. You never know who’s watching when you are taking the 18 boxes of shredding material to the copy room or volunteering to help out on a committee. While you’re completing those less than challenging tasks think of how you’re going to tackle that big project you were assigned or day dream about yourself holding your dream position. It’ll put a smile on your face and help pass the time as you shred documents.


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