The Entry Level Pro that Cried “BUSY!”

What you say at work could come back to haunt you.

Here’s another reality check from Whitney that I’ve realized in my “old age.” Much like my post about customer service this is something that really “grindes my gears.” — People who are overly dramatic, it doesn’t matter if it’s negative drama (talking trash about people) or positive drama (bragging about your great but difficult job that no one else could possibly do as well as you.) I can’t stand it.

As an entry level person who only a year ago was running a business, a college newspaper, I can now see both sides of this. When you’re young and just finding your sea legs in the work world sometimes things are overwhelming and you don’t understand certain aspects of the business world. I completely understand and can identify with that. The other side of the coin is overhearing these 18 to 24 year olds dramatize. When I hear that I can’t help but think “If they are making that big of a deal out of their 20 hour a week retal job, why would I ever want to hire them to be an advertisement sales person at my newspaper?”

This is another one of those hang in there situations. If you are going to make a big drama out of everything, even to friends during your off time, it will effect your work life. If you honestly can’t handle something the best place to go is to your mentor or boss at work, not to the bartender at the local pub. That bartender is also taking care of people 10 feet away who may be your superiors at your place of employment. If you’re just bragging or making your busy schedule public because you feel like it makes you sound older, don’t. It’s like that girl in 8th grade we all knew who put on eyeliner and lipstick and thought she looked like a senior in high school or even a freshman in college. That’s not how it works, you look like a kid playing grown up.

Everyone has a hectic schedule and is balancing professional life, home life, crazy family members and trying to continue to grow in both professional and personal life. That’s a fact of life, so if you’re going to make a huge deal out of the fact that you’re volunteering AND have 2 new projects added to your work load AND planning presentations for the next quarter, let one drop or lock it up.

If you really need to vent about it all that’s fine, we all need a break. Realize the more you dramatize the less people will believe you when there really is a work drama. So don’t go venting daily or weekly, you’ll be the entry level pro that cried “busy!’


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