What Every Entry Level Pro Should Own AND Use.

This little gal has had her Dictionary since birth. She'll be kicking PR tush in no time.

Ok folks, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I’m sick of the Gen Y bashing.


There are times when it’s warranted, like this post I read the other day about  us. I’m at fault here too, although I proudly unplug one day a week and enjoy turning my Blackberry off at night.

Here’s the deal, before you head out into the big wide working world, heck before you leave college, go buy a dictionary AND a thesaurus AND an AP Stylebook. I’m not saying this because I’m working for Webster or AP or even own stocks with related companies. I’m saying this because I’m working in an administrative position where I deal with students from time to time as well as “older” staff (30 + GASP! Are they eligible for MediCare yet or what?). And in working with this diverse age range I see spelling errors constantly. Not just with the students and young employees work but on applications from veterans. Miss use of words, punctuation and more is rampant, ESPECIALLY in Gen Y.

So I don’t care if you’re going to school to become a nurse, a PR pro or an engineer, eventually during your career you’ll be asked to write something. When that time comes make sure you can write a proper technical document and can spell words correctly. Using a dictionary, thesaurus or the AP Stylebook doesn’t mean you’re dumb it means you’re smart for double checking yourself before you send a document off.

My mission to you Gen Y, if you choose to accept it; go to Barnes and Nobel or Borders or better yet your local independent bookstore and order those three books.  Heck, play the poor student card and ask for them as a holiday gift. I promise your parents will be thrilled and you’ll gain knowledge from these books. (Maybe even win Jeopardy one day…maybe.)

Here are links to purchase all three, I can’t make it any easier.

To purchase a Dictionary

To purchase a Thesaurus

To purchase an AP Stylebook


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