Pool Shark in Training – continued growth during unemployment

Playing pool, remember you gotta keep strategy in mind.

I went out the other night and played a few games of pool with my boyfriend (we are by no means pool sharks). The sarcastic banter started right off the bat and sometime during play he made a comment that we couldn’t play slop anymore because I was getting too good. I laughed and said “NO way” then retorted saying that I had plenty of time to get good at the game seeing as technically I’m still unemployed. As of late the reality has started to sink in that I only have a little over a month left of employment at my temp job.

Soon after  I started thinking about how I have had a lot of time to develop personally and professionally this year through various experiences. I’m thankful for all the growth I’ve had yet I can see where I need more improvement,that’s  the problem with always striving to grow and be better. During this thought process I started thinking about the game of pool, there’s a lot of strategy involved if you’re really trying to play an honest game. What angle do you want to hit from, do you have a defensive plan of attack trying to leave the cue ball in a place that doesn’t help your opponents next shot?

Then of course I started applying it to the job search and starting out in the world. You need to have a strategy going in other wise all you’re going to do is play wack-a-mole with the opportunities that come your way.

So my little motivational thought to you today is to not play wack-a-mole with your life. Take time to survey what is going on in life, what opportunities do you already have lined up? Are some of them going to take a few months to be available, do you feel comfortable chasing other opportunities or would you rather sit tight and see what happens on one?

These are all important questions to be asking yourself as you’re going through life and getting on your feet for the first time.

Don’t rush the shot, take your time and plan out what you’d like to go after next. Trust me it may feel like you’re hanging in limbo but you’ll be ok. Eventually you’ll make that beautiful shot and it’ll be worth the wait and planning.


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