What Keeps You Motivated?

As of late I’ve been less motivated, or shall I say “inspired” to blog. In fact my subconscious let me off the hook in a dream the other night. I dreamt that I was in an informational interview type setting and the interviewer and I were discussing blogging strategy and the interviewer flat out said “If you’re not inspired don’t blog.” I woke up feeling so relieved.

That’s when I realized, I hadn’t been taking time to get motivated and inspired lately. My temp job at University of Wyoming has recently kicked up a notch, finally the many projects I’ve been developing are taking off (OH SO REWARDING!). In addition to that it was discovered that I have experience in event planning; which means Whitney has enjoyed hosting holiday and retirement parties for the past two weeks.

In the haze that has been this month I lost a bit of my inspiration for blogging. I haven’t been reading my favorite PR publications and blogs as often and I’ve come home and worked on projects for my internship and if those were wrapped up I crashed.

So this blog is to remind you to stay connected to your inspiration and share a few of my inspirations with you.

Here’s a quick list of what I use to stay motivated.

  • Reading “trade” publications; including blogs. – Hearing others opinions on  topics often spark my own.
  • My new favorite book Add More ~ing to Your Life. I’m one for logic in my spirituality and it’s right here, complete with assignments for working on parts of your life you may be struggling with.
  • The “assignments” from ~ing. Again if I’m going to attempt to meditate I need a goal and she helps you do both, relax and reach goals.
  • Working out, thank goodness for a good pod cast or playlist (thank you iTunes Genius!) and an hour of cadio.
  • A little session at the piano. There’s nothing that decompresses me more after a long day of work then banging out a few of my favorite songs on my little piano.

Take time if you’re loosing motivation to unplug and make a list of what you need to stay inspired. Then make sure to make those things an interregnal part of your daily or weekly schedule.


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