Don’t Be a Cardboard Cutout

Thanks to my good friend for snapping this one of me for a photography classes. She calls it "Whitney in a nutshell"

I’ve been thinking about this for a while, since right before the holidays actually. I was posting the George Michael videos on my last post of 2010 and thought; “man this feels like me.”

One of the reasons why I’m here and blogging is because I want to help students and young professionals and give them some food for thought from my experiences. Another reason is to have a depiction of myself out there. A great way to put a version of yourself out there for possible job opportunities. Of course this blog isn’t all encompassing but THAT’S what this blog is for.

It’s extremely important not to step on toes when applying for jobs, and to prove yourself when you’re interviewing and starting a new position. What’s equally important, and often not stressed enough, is that you be YOU. This doesn’t mean just wear your favorite scarf to an interview or apply for positions you’re passionate about.

I mean get your voice out there! Don’t just get it out there and say the same safe canned things that everyone else is saying. That doesn’t make you stand out, you just become another voice in the conversation. Yeah you’re there but is anyone paying attention to you as you mutter your agreement?

Don’t be a cardboard cut out of the perfect entry level pro. BE YOU. Be open to change, be ready to work your butt off and be there whole heartedly.  I’m going to strive to put more of my personality out there this year. If you’ve read a few of my older posts on feminism (and I mean old when that was what this blog focused on) you’ll hear more of my voice. The snarkey, opinionated girl that doesn’t take crap. (Man it feels good to describe yourself honestly!)

Go do that right now, on your blog, on twitter, in the about me section of your facebook or just on a scrap of paper that you put on the fridge. Write a quick little sentence that describes you. Not the “I’m so sweet I smell like rainbows.” but the real version. Here’s mine:

“Strong, opinionated, no nonsense, friend who’d gladly share a drink with you and talk shop, or make sarcastic (yet uplifting) remarks about the issue you’re facing.”

“Goofball co-worker who’s all business but enjoys getting a laugh out of you. Loves balancing work and play.”

It feels good to write down aspects of your personality that often don’t see the light of day during the work week. It’s one of my goals this year to stay close to those honest descriptions of myself. We’re all human, own up to  your YOU!

*ON another note* I will not be blogging as frequently at least for the next couple months. I want to make sure the content I’m putting on here isn’t just filler because I feel like I should be blogging.

Happy 2011 Now start following your path!


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