Help for Haiti – Donate to send 88 Medstudents and physicians there to help!

There's still work to be done people - lend a hand!

Us Americans, we have short term memories. Seriously, disaster strikes our country or a neighboring country or a tragedy happens in our backyard (the recent attack on Congresswoman Gifford) within two weeks political rhetoric has run the story into the ground. We go back to being more concerned about whatever marriage in Hollywood is ending or that our sports team just lost the final bowl game.

This has to stop, my main point today is the earthquake that struck Haiti, a year ago now. Yeah you still hear two minute blurbs on the radio every couple days but it pales in comparison to the coverage it originally got and the coverage it still should be getting. It’s been 12 months and the capital city is still in ruins. Luckily there are groups of people in our country that still remember that day and realize that just because it’s been a year doesn’t mean all’s back to normal.

One of my good friends, Dan Schwartz, a first-year med student at Loyola in Chicago has the chance to travel to Port-au-Prince with 88 other students and physicians to provide health care to those still living in the squalor remains of the capitol city.

You have the chance to help Dan and other med-students / doctors from Loyola and the Chicago area make a difference in a county still struggling to get back on it’s feet.

If you’re at all interested please visit one (or all) of these sites:

Facebook Event – there will be an auction held with proceeds going to sending these 88 giving individuals to Haiti. (This page is currently inactive but will closer to the auction date: February 10, 2011.)

You can also donate goods to be auctioned off. Please contact Dan directly at – schwartzdanj (at) gmail (dot) com. You can learn more about the program by reading the Reddit letter he wrote.


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