Ya Just Don’t Know What Ya Just Don’t Know

I’ve received a lot of advice and tid-bits in my life.  As of late I’ve been saying a lot of them to myself, often accidentally out loud while in the elevator. (Proving a funny theory my advisor and interpersonal communication’s prof would love.) All these thoughts lead me to today’s post, an  impromptu list of best one liners of advice I think every entry level kid should keep in the back of their mind.

5. “Things always look better in the morning.” Seriously, my Grandma says it, and it’s so true. If you’re freaking out about something, not getting a job, matters of the heart (ugh) or whatever just remember that. Do what you can do in the moment then realize you’re probably emotionally exhausted and don’t deal with it any more until the next day. I promise you’ll have a much better outlook.

4. “Ya just don’t know what ya just don’t know.” Really, I’m saying this to you now because I need to say it to myself more often. Stop freaking out, right now, stop it. It’s like picking at a scab it’s not going to get better if you keep fiddling with it. All you can do now is make choices based on the information on hand, that’s it. This doesn’t mean don’t try to find the answers but if you’ve gleaned all you can for the moment take a break, process.

3. “Do to others what you would like them to do to you.” This “golden rule” just gets better the older you get. I’ve been at my wits end at times at work the past couple weeks and luckily my mothers voice pops into my head. (I’m convinced this is a superpower all mothers have, and I don’t like it.) I shut my mouth and walk away until I can think of a constructive way to deal with a situation.

2. “Gain some elevation.” Another good one from Mom. When you’re stressed about something, or you feel like you’re at a dead end pull up and take a wide view of your life and what’s going on. I promise it’s not a dead end, and you will find a simple way to solve the problem. Don’t let things get overwhelming, it’s only life…no one gets out alive.

1. “Suck the marrow out of life.” Ahh the wise words of my camp counselor from years and years ago. She told me that (I was the homesick pain-in-the-butt-camper) and I took those words to heart. Those words have brought me to Europe twice, Africa once and maybe even gave me the gumption to chop off a foot of hair and ask a guy out.


Chew on those little phrases for a bit.

It’ll all work out. With love!


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