Creating the Next You

New Me – Jamie Lidell, lyrics particularly fitting with post, plus it’s dang good music!

I’ve been MIA lately, more like most of 2011, (sidenote: can you believe it’s almost April?!) due to work getting busier and me feeling the deep unmoving need to have more “me” time. I’ve realized as of late that I haven’t been doing enough with my “me” time (this is type A Whitney talking.) I need to start doing yoga more, and reading more to start with. I’m currently reading Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance and The Bell Jar. Yeah, heavy reading at times, so I picked up a third, Horse Heaven. I’m a not-so-closeted horse nut, and in lieu of having my own again I just read about them.

While I say I’ve been reading them I haven’t been devoting time to them. To be honest I just haven’t been making time for much apart from work and the occasional job search. Which goes something like this fanatically search and apply for a week then get discouraged and give up for ten days. Repeat.

While sitting at the laundry mat I was catching up on my online reading and found a great article that was brought to my attention by my daily PRSA emails. It ran in Fortune – The One Question Every Boss Should Ask, and details the new CAO at Steelcase – Nancy Hickey. The interview walks through how she asks questions and why she’s motivated to ask them. I learned something a long time ago; it doesn’t matter how good the questions you ask are, if you don’t actually give a rip about the answer coming back at you. While reading through her interview I found myself thinking “I need that trait” not that I don’t ask questions, that’s probably the first lesson I learned out of college. ASK QUESTIONS, then ask more questions.

This all reminded me of a list I at one point had. I lost in the back of my mind at some point, that list contains attributes that I want to embody in my personality. My dream is to have my own PR firm, even if it is never any bigger than a home office, I want to be able to offer my services to people and organizations I believe in. Along my journey, so far, every time I’ve read articles or seen interviews with power house CEO’s and consultants I normally pick an attribute or two that shine through and add it to my mental list of attributes I want to embody.

Over the past few months of my “coma” – created mostly by feeling stuck and smothered and so out of the loop (the PR loop that is) – I’ve lost that mental list.

We’ll it’s back folks, and I hope to be soon as well!

I encourage you to start a list of what it is you want to be in the future, this will always give you a goal to strive for and keep you actively engaged in LIFE. Something I think we all struggle with at times.

Be well!


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