Hey, This Is Your Kick In The Butt

I’ve been working hard lately, this time outside of work. Like I mentioned last month I really need to productively use my “me” time. I have been, I’m biking again (at the gym but it’s cold and I didn’t bring my bike out here when I moved) and reading like a mad woman. It’s so nice!

This past weekend I went down to Fort Collins for some big city fun with the man friend, went to a great little indie theater / restaurant  (The Lyric Cinema and Cafe). Best experience I’ve had “at the movies” in a long time! To break it down it was – Great indie movie, local beer (New Belgium’s Ranger pour moi), yummy snacks (including key lime pie my fav) and couches in place of regular theater style seating. HEAVEN. Honestly I need to stop talking about it, my coworkers are already annoyed.

But I digress, the big thing that happened to me this weekend was I really jumped back in the driver’s seat. As of late I’ve been so focused on the little day to day and the job search that seems never ending and completely hopeless most days. You know, you’re not seeing anything you really enjoy, you wade through spam job postings, you know the ones in all CAPS, and then you just close the computer and go out for a break.

Well I’m tired of this and for the past 100ish days I’ve been watching a college friend on Facebook, everyday she posts the three things she is grateful for that day. It’s fabulous. So starting yesterday I’m doing the same thing – putting down the three things I’m thankful for daily. A close friend here and Laramie and I also are each others positivity sponsors. She is going through a tough time personally and is readying to quit her job and got back to dental school. As of late we’ve both had “woe is me” syndrome.

I encourage you to take back your negative thinking this month! Think of it as a belated psychological sacrifice for lent (ok giving up chocolate and other vices is very much psychological too).

I’m on day three of my positive thinking kick and I honestly feel great, I just have to keep it up! We aren’t talking the fake smile-and-nod positivity think of Kutut in Eat Pray Love, he asks Liz (the main character) to meditate and smile with her whole body everyday, he says “Don’t just smile smile with every part of you, even your liver!” So you can’t just say “I’m going to be happy” then have the negative “crap I hate this project, and my boss is crazy and the coffee maker exploded again this morning” (seriously the last part happened to me 2 days in a row…taxing to say the least.) You have to think “Ok this project, it’s teaching me a new skill I can take with me, my boss is a test in how I interact with those around me and that coffee maker, well time to investigate and fix.”

I PROMISE if you keep things positive and find “you” time everyday, just 30 minutes (I say that because it takes me 5 to 10 minutes to chill out and get into my me time and release the guilt and if you’re anything like me you want that built in buffer) you will see a marked change in what is coming into your life.

Love, and puppies and all that sunshine crap. (sarcasm can stay, I just made that rule up)


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