Volunteer, Volunteer, Volunteer

For the past month I’ve been realigning yet again. My temporary position has become semi-permanent, big changes coming this summer. Stay tuned, July – it’s gonna be big.

One of the things that I’ve added to my life has been a new volunteer position. As I’ve let on before my job here in Laramie is not my first choice but it has provided a source of income and allowed me to save up (ahem – July). Luckily I STILL have my brilliant internship with Sidney Maxwell PR out of Chicago, really Michael is the best, this position is keeping my hope and sanity intact.

Anyway, back to the volunteer work! I applied for a volunteer position with Organizing for America. I had a couple of brief meetings with a family friend who is in the NPO world in DC and we were talking about the importance of volunteer work to prove your passion. So naturally I jumped at an opportunity in this small town to make a difference. As the volunteer coordinator I get  to work with the State leader of OFA and plan events, gather resources and people and help motivate for the upcoming election year. It really is wonderful to find a totally different group of people in this town that I had all but written off.

That’s the lesson this week folks, get out there and volunteer. You will meet some wonderful people with similar ideals and know that you’re making a difference. It DOES NOT have to be politically motivated, volunteer to build a house this summer with habitat for humanity, or to walk dogs from the local shelter on the weekend. (I’ll be adding that to my schedule soon now that the sun is shinning and we’ve had a couple of 65 degree days!)

Keep on truckin folks!


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